Wednesday, April 25, 2012

She had so many stamps.....

Remember the story of the old lady who lived in a shoe- you know, the one with so many kids? Well, as I've been cleaning out my craft room and trying to find room for my million & two stamps, something has been running thru my mind- "she had so many stamps she didn't know what to do.."  Ever feel that way? Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with all the choices of stamps I have and can't get started.  Sometimes I even make a card without using a single stamp, such as this one I made for my son's teacher!  Can you believe not one stamp?

Well this year I'm going try and use ALL of my stamps (ok, let's be honest- of course I won't use  EVERY one- but I'm going to give it my best shot!) and somehow justify my collection.  Wish me luck and I hope you enjoy what I come up with :).


  1. Best of luck. Look forward to seeing your creations!

  2. As an artist I love reading about other people's thoughts on creating.
    This card seems especially creative. I love the ruler, the stars with what looks like crayon marks, the whole thing... very school kid like but sophisticated too.
    I'm going to enjoy watching this year to see if you really can used all your stamps. It's great to set goals!